Reasons that Cause the Cost of GPS Asset Trackers to Differ


GPS asset tracking is a necessary practice for monitoring your equipment, machinery, containers, and trailers. The GPS asset trackers are usually pre-set to know your asset’s location and provide security by sounding an alarm or sending a notification in case of an emergency. Most customers are attracted to asset trackers as they can be hidden easily, are compact and durable. Their price ranges differ from type to type depending on several factors. We expound on factors affecting the cost of GPS asset trackers below.

What Affects the Cost of Asset GPS Trackers?

Cost is always an issue to consider before buying or adding a new object to your space. Customers want something affordable but of good quality and can still get the job done. However, some factors influence the price of GPS trackers, such as;

1. Type of GPS Asset Tracking Device

Companies offer different types of tracking devices with varying features and capabilities; hence the price differs. There are models like the Plug and Play GPS device, smartphone App, and the Hardwired GPS device, all for tracking purposes.

The Plug and Play (PNP) device is among the most popular vehicle trackers worldwide. Most clients prefer it to other trackers as it is affordable and easy to install. You don’t require a professional to fix it because you can easily plug it into the vehicle diagnostic port and remove it whenever you want. The most significant benefit is you don’t have to leave your car with the mechanic for the process to take place.

Hardwired GPS devices are ideal for cars with no diagnostic ports or those that have undergone customization and can’t relay data such as ignition and diagnostic data. However, their price is on the higher side compared to the PNP trackers. The smartphone App tracker is the cheapest since customers only need to download the app and start using it. Depending on your visibility needs, the feature in each device influences the price as some are more advanced than others.

2. Installation Options

The gadget you choose determines the installation process. For the PNP device, you can do the installation yourself; hence the cost is not included. Some have complex designs, and operating them is challenging, so an expert is needed to fix it for you. Though you might decide not to seek these services, the installation quality is essential for the proper functioning of the tracker. Some suppliers may reduce the cost of installation; however, the total cost will still be more than one who needed no installation.

3. Length of Year Agreements

Most of these agreements range between one to three years, depending on the requirements. The agreement package may consist of monthly car service, installation, or hardware, and everything is charged monthly. If a client has more needs than what is offered, additional money is needed to cater for them, and the tracker’s overall cost increases.


When buying a GPS asset tracker, consider all factors that may lead to the increase in price. Choose longer-year agreements, vehicles with diagnostic ports to cut the installation costs, and affordable trackers.

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