Steps for applying the Huawei site kit


Site kit is a feature used by developers for apps. The feature helps to provide services related to locations. The services include telling location, details of places, place suggestions, and keyword suggestions as well. For a long time, the Google site kit has dominated the market. However, recently, the Huawei site kit took the market by storm. The site kit is currently one of the most

Steps for applying the Huawei site kit

To apply the following steps should be helpful if you are looking to use the Huawei site kit;

1. Develop an android project

Note that the Huawei site kit is only applicable to android devices. This means that the only developers that can use the service are the ones coming up with apps or features for android phones. Also, note not all android versions that were produced before 4.0.3. This site kit only supports 4.0.3 and later Android versions. You can use an android studio to create the project.

2. Create an SHA key

After creating the project, the next step would be to create an SHA key. An SHA (Secure algorithm key) is a unique key that you can use to sign to your APK. It comes in the form of a fingerprint. It helps to make sure that your APK does not get tampered with. You can also use the key to access cloud services. You can use the SHA key to create demo jks files within your android app. You can also add the key to your app to make sure that its integrity stays intact. You will be required to use your SHA key in the AGC information section.

3. Create your app

Once you have safely created the SHA key, the next step is to create an app. Note that the app has to be created in the Huawei App Gallery connect. This is the only way you can gain access to the Huawei site kit for your development. You will have to provide some critical information, including your SHA key. You will also be asked to fill in your storage location.

4. Get started

Once you have provided all the necessary details, you can complete the process by enabling the site kit service. From there, you can proceed with the rest of the app development process before you place your product online. You may also have to sync your app with other features like the keyword search function.

Why use the Huawei site kit

The Huawei site kit has gained a lot of popularity because it offers numerous advantages. They include;

  • It is easy to use
  • It features more than 130 million worth of data
  • It is a global site kit with more than 200 areas and nations
  • It features the best time zone elements
  • It features geocoding features


The Huawei site kit is very easy to use. The only restrictions are that it is not applicable in devices that are not powered by android. It also does work in China and does not contain any form of Chinese data.

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