Earn Coins During FIFA TOTW With These Easy Steps


Every Wednesday, FIFA releases a ‘team of the week.’ FIFA bases its selection on the player’s real-life performance over the previous weekend. These 23 players are selected for the mark they’ve made on the football world over that weekend. And every gamer desire to see their favorite players among the chosen few. One of the major perks is that each player selected to be in the TOTW enjoys a boosted in-form pack available for the whole week. These players are given a special TOTW card. When a player earns a card, his usual attributes disappear from the pack for that week. Picking the right player can make you a lot of money. While it’s interesting to see your favorite star among the top 23, you can also earn many points every weekend.

Here are some strategies to earn points with the TOTW:

How to earn points with the TOTW?

  1. Sign a player on Wednesday with the TOTW release: This is a common strategy adopted by smart gamers. It is a straightforward approach. First, you have to wait anxiously while FIFA updates its TOTW. This way, you can grab players as soon as their ratings are out on the list. With this, you can purchase players in mass and earn so much money in a matter of hours. However, you have to stay ahead of the pack with this strategy.
  2. Sell players on Friday or Saturday: Each player makes the TOTW enjoys a noticeable appreciation in their respective attributes. This is also the same for their price. Nevertheless, there is always a frenzy to sign these players. If you have these players signed already, it is relatively easier for you to sell them at higher prices for more points.
  3. Invest only in in-Demand players: Every gamer wants to build his squad ahead of FUT weekends. This requires the services of individual players. Your understanding of players that are in demand will help you in building points on FIFA. Individual players who have shown promises in both club and national team games are always valuable. It is those kinds of players you should watch. There are currently in-demand players like Mbappe, Jadon Sancho, Kai Havertz, Marcus Rashford, and Erling Haaland.


To earn points during the TOTW weekend, you always have to be one step ahead of the crowd. If you have not earned enough, you can even buy FUT coins. You can achieve this by staying tuned to EA SPORTS FIFA on Twitter for updates or predicting game results (especially in big-league games). For instance, once a player scores a brace or hat trick, it is almost sure he will make the TOTW. However, you have to come to terms with having other players with a similar strategy as yours. Therefore, it is generally useful to always make it a rule that you act as soon as you have the opportunity.

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