Points to Remember When Buying FIFA Coins


FIFA coins enable you to get the best team possible from the leagues. If you are a FIFA enthusiast, you fully understand the importance of these coins and their impact on the game. They make the gaming experience beautiful and exciting as you can access the best players, value or premium packs, and so much more. You can buy, sell or earn the coins during the game. Few people know how to buy fifacoins; hence the information is available online for all interested persons to benefit. In this write-up, we discuss factors to consider before buying FIFA coins.

Factors to Consider Before Buying FIFA Coins

Several factors will make your buying process easier and from the right sources. They include;

1. Research on the Sellers Track Record

The record in itself will speak volumes about the seller’s business. He/she must have sold coins to many other customers and has positive reviews on his site. Reviews are an easy way to spot a con or a fake site. If his track record is good, clients tend to leave positive feedback, which is an excellent start to getting FIFA coins. Also, if there are no reviews, ignore the site because chances are it’s not genuine.

2. Sites Approval

EA sports must approve the site you choose to buy from. Using their official sites guarantees you fewer chances of getting into trouble and risks. Buying from unofficial sites can lead to significant problems such as loss of money. Ensure your seller is authorized with the EA and is on good terms with them.

3. Security of the site

For you to send your money to someone, you must be assured of their website page’s security. Few factors contribute towards this, such as having a security padlock. If there is none, you can choose to either proceed with payments or looking for another seller. Many sites tend to lure buyers with their low prices or promotions, and you find yourself rushing to their site without having a second thought. The seller will end up with your money, but you’ll get in trouble with the authorities and suffer the consequences alone. If FIFA concludes that you bought the coins illegally, you could be banned, or all your rewards and cards were taken away. As a gamer, do your research well to avoid all these.

4. Check the Terms and Conditions Section

It’s rare for most people to read this part and many sites are aware of this. Some websites have terms and conditions that do not align or are set out to favor them and leave out the customer. Such is wrong because you can’t back to be helped if there’s a problem. Ensure the policies given concur with it and are not copied from somewhere else. Make sure you read every detail written on the site before making a move.

5. Method of Pay

Payment methods vary depending on the site. It is advisable to choose a site that allows you to pay for fut coins using your credit or debit card. It is safe, and there will be records to prove the transaction. But, always make sure the tranactioun is done after due diligence.


Never buy FIFA coins from any site just because it sells them. Take your time and research well for the best sellers before using your money. The guide rules and all the policies governing the buying and selling of FIFA cain must be followed if you want to enjoy your playtime.

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