Tips on How to Earn Runescape Currency


Ever thought of a place where your imaginations come to life? Well, Runescape provides gamers the opportunity to make this happen, using the Runescape currency. Runescape was originally a browser game but has progressed into an online role-playing game. With over 200 million accounts created, one can only wonder why it has gained such popularity.

Players have been able to develop a virtual world for themselves, developing their characters/Avatar in a fantasy world. OSRS Gold is a feature that makes the game more realistic.

Like every other means of exchange, the fantasy world of Runescape has its own currency known as Runecoins or gold pieces. These coins are used to perform the various transactions in the virtual world.

There are different packages of Runecoins and several ways to obtain them.

Tips on How to Obtain Runescape Currency Coins

There are several ways a player can obtain and utilize these coins or gold pieces. Some of these includes;

1. Purchasing with Real Currencies

An easy way to obtain gold pieces is to buy them with real-world currencies. This was the most popular way of obtaining Runescape currency before other means were subsequently introduced.

2. Purchase Using Bonds

Bonds are items that allow players to purchase certain benefits. One of such benefits includes runecoins. These bonds can be traded to other players in-game or grand exchange and it can then be used to obtain coins.

Bonds can also be bought using real currencies and sold in the in-game.

3. Earning For Free

You can earn free Runecoins by simply completing surveys, downloading apps, or performing some activities.

One has to select and complete an offer and the rewarded Runecoins will be deposited into the players account after some time.

Tips On How to Utilize Runecoins

1. Developing skills

You can decide to do so much with your Runecoins like buying cosmetics and improving skills like woodcutting, mining, farming, etc. The skills acquired will determine how much coins a player will spend.

Opting for better skill combinations will help broaden a player’s skill set.

2. Stacking

Players can decide to stack their coins. This generates a certain sense of accomplishment. However, it is advisable to utilize your coins within time as they have a lifespan of only twelve months.

After twelve months, they disappear. Stacking your coins may not be the best option.

Just like real-life currencies depreciate, Runescape currency does as well and while a player hangs on to it, it may lose its value.

3. Sharing

Sharing is also a way players may decide to utilize their coins. A player who has acquired a lot may decide to give away his coins. Some players make it more fun by initiating tasks for other players to participate in and gain rewards.


Whatever you decide to do with your Runescoins, having enough will always guarantee a better experience to help build and survive in the virtual fantasy world. It is best to buy Runescape currency from only reliable sources to prevent getting banned.

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