How to build a user-friendly mobile app?


There are many apps on play stores that are considered mobile-friendly but they cannot be called as user-friendly because they don’t facilitate users and add value to the time they spend using the app. You might have come across lots of times when you have opened an app in the hope of finding something useful but got disappointment in return. As mobile users, people want connectivity and consistency for granted.

They know when things are not working well. They are easily annoyed by pop-ups and a bunch of intrusive ads. One of the most annoying things is a lack of transparency and speed in payment solutions if you are running a retail store via an app. A delayed payment solution system is likely to turn off the users therefore you should work on it and better consult with top companies such as Huawei to seek in app purchase android services.

Mind the color

You can improve user experience by renovating the interface of our app. Better do some decluttering to improve user experience. One way to do this is to employ a limited color range for the design. The main colors of the app can be white and black. Use bold colors in the footer and title areas. You can add orange or red colors. These will serve as anchors for the user’s eye. Without too much color to set their focus, users will find it easy to navigate your app’s interface.


Another brilliant way to boost the user experience with the app is by using the imaginative use of logos and icons. When you are designing an application with the help of icons, designs, logos, and colors, they are likely to be prominent in a bland background. If you don’t want the colors to attract the user, minimize the colors, and design the icons well. it will draw in maximum users to your app.

Compatibility of devices

You need to ensure that the app is compatible with different devices. Some apps lose value because the designers fail to integrate room for software updates. Even if it has a flawless design, it will not work after the user updates the operating system.

Non-obtrusive in-app purchases

In-app purchases, if you use them accurately, can persuade customers to buy from you. A flawless in-app purchase system can help you enhance user experience and boost up sales. Just make sure that the transactions consist of a couple of steps and no more or it will discourage users.

App building business is becoming an industry in itself as more and more businesses are turning from physical to digital. To stay afloat in the market, they must adapt to the latest market needs. Just building an app and uploading it to the play store is not enough. You need to do better than that. Make it fast, secure, attractive, and easy to use. Customers are always short of time therefore you should minimize the delays and speed up the processes to give them the experience they are anticipating. To give you some motivation, it is not hard to imagine that a customer, once gone, doesn’t come back.

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